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December 19, 2014


What Is Hypnosis And Past Life Regression?

✔️ You’ve probably heard of hypnosis before. In the movies you see people getting “hypnotized” and then being told to act like a random animal and then they actually do so. Well, that isn’t really what hypnosis does and it would actually be a pretty fruitless use to give it.

✔️ Hypnosis is a lot, lot more. Hypnosis is a

way to completely alter your state of consciousness, to tap into the very deep layers of your own mind and to find out things you never thought were possible.

✔️ There’s a lot more to you than the conscious level and with hypnosis it is possible to reach the unconscious level and do amazing things. After you open the door through hypnosis everything that is stored in your mind and, arguably, soul, can be tapped into, discovered and examined.

✔️ In the state of hypnosis, every single bit of talent within you can be brought up. A lot of people, after hypnosis, were able to make amazing things happen because their talents were acquired from the depths of their mind. The state of hypnosis can “program” people to, for example, quit smoking, take care of their depression, start eating in a healthy manner and much, much more.

✔️ In some rare cases, people were able to self treat incredible diseases thanks to being hypnotized. The power within the human mind is incredible and unknown. Hypnosis is a way we have for tapping into it with the help of trained professionals.

-Past life regression with the use of hypnosis

✔️ In the depths of your mind, you have the knowledge of who you were in the past, what you did and why. You have your old memories stored deep within where you can’t consciously reach them. Your complete autobiography is written somewhere within and with the help of hypnosis, you can read it.

✔️ Past life regression is a therapeutic technique conducted by trained professionals that allows people to visit their own past lives. They can see who they were and, in the process, learn more about themselves. For example, why they like to eat cheese, why they have a strange phobia, and so on.

✔️ The use of past life regression therapy has been growing for the last 50 years and continues to do so with new innovations coming in every year. This technique can be used to enhance our personal experience of life and to make our experiences more clear to ourselves.